Best (and Budget-Friendly) Holiday Gift Websites

Naturally, even online-shopping connoisseurs like us can fall into a digital rut, surfing the very same websites time and again. So we've compiled a list of 20 must-browse online shopping locations with thoughtful-- not to mention inexpensive-- gifts for everyone on your list.

1. Zara Home
The popular Spanish style merchant just recently released online shopping in the United States for its home line. We cannot get enough of the perfectly crafted devices, including image frames, vases and trays-- specifically the metal and reptile-print designs.

2. Chloe and Isabel
This retailer's on-trend fashion jewelry styles are perfect for female pals and family members. We particularly like the flashy pieces embellished with pave crystals, and the mixed-material wrap bracelets. Plus, you can easily search by rate variety-- and there are plenty of under-$ 25 alternatives.

3. Flight 001
This website has an outstanding variety of enjoyable, useful and properly designed items for the regular travelers in your life. We're specifically keen on these cheeky travel luggage tags for equipping stuffers.

4. Believe Geek
This website-- with its "Stuff for Smart Masses" punch line-- is pretty obvious. Got someone on your list who loves "Star Wars" or gadgets and gizmos? Think Geek will undoubtedly have the perfect gift. (We believe that the "Video game of Thrones" board game does not seem like a bad method to kill time on chilly winter nights.).

5. Lomography.
Although mobile phones have actually made photography simpler than ever, movie video cameras that produce interesting, offbeat pics are picking up-- and we love the lightweight, vibrant plastic video camera designs from Lomography.